All for the Money

As told by John Barros:

It was so horrible down here today. Just one of those crazy dark days. First thing this morning, Gabriel and Helen from last Wednesday showed up. Gabriel hit the driveway at about 25 mph and got Helen inside as fast as he could.
After everyone was inside, I began to preach. Half way through, Helen came outside. She was upset walked up to me and took my hand. She came up with so many stories as to why she had to do this and of course the date rape story was long forgotten. Now it was that she had an amnio test and her baby was autistic.

Helen asked me to stop preaching because it was upsetting to her and everyone inside. She thanked me for trying and everyone inside acknowledged the truth of what was being preached but they all “had to” do this. I touched her belly and it was so warm and firm. Her baby is 21 weeks now. I asked if she would pray with me and she said yes. She burst into tears as we prayed and then Gabriel and the workers inside realized what was going on and came running out to get her. As she was going inside, I said “All they want is your money. We just want to give to you.” Then she turned back and said something I have only heard a few times here. She said “No, John they aren’t charging me.”

I have had them call back clients that have left after talking over the years and the clients have told me their abortion was greatly discounted or free. They must have called Helen back after leaving last week. Last Wednesday they were going to charge her $2,000 and then today free? It is so crazy around here.

These workers are getting so aggressive lately. Literally trying to drag people that are on the porch listening back inside. The guy that runs these places told me he had to let one of their “counselors” go. He said “She was listening to you too much and was letting too many get away. We can’t have that, John.” Then he began to tell me that I’ve been poking the beast for too long and the beast is about to rise against you. He asked how I’ve lived so long being out here. I told him the Lord protects me and will continue to.

Please continue to pray.