An Amazing Brother

As told by John Barros: 

Thankfully it was really slow today. They were done by 1:00 except for one late term Mom. One lady came sat out back for a long time and left. Doug and Yolie were able to give her some materials. Just pray she doesn’t return.

It was wonderful to have Gerry down here again, but I was so thankful to have Doug here. It was a year ago this week at St. Andrews that Doug came up to talk with me about this ministry. He said he would have a couple of weeks off over the holidays. He came down here and learned for a couple of weeks and has never left. He comes down on Saturdays now and is here from about 7:00 till they are done. It was awesome serving with him today. He is an amazing brother.

Also had a call from someone about a young lady that chose life at another clinic. We are supposed to get together Monday. Please pray for her. Praying you all have an awesome Thanksgiving. I’m so thankful for you all.