An Amazing Day

As told by John Barros:

I have hesitated to post tonight because I can’t believe myself what happened today. I mean really I don’t understand it.

So blessed to serve with Matthew, Bill, and Beth in the morning and Yolie and Luke in the afternoon. Before 11:00 this morning six had turned away and six had chosen life. It was very busy so there were still about ten left and by the time the abortionist got here in the late afternoon they were hard as rocks.

I can’t go into all of the stories but a few were of note. A guy came with his lady and admitted he was missing parts of his manhood. The Lord moved though and he left holding her shoulders close to him. He had a smile when I said “I guess you were a man after all.”

We worked with a young lady named Maria. She spoke with Marlyd from Choices over the phone but then went inside anyway. She couldn’t take it in there and came out with the papers she was filling out. Beth spoke with her at length when she admitted she could speak English. Beth prayed with her and she left. She took the papers and threw them in the trash.
There was a married couple that came. They came out in the middle of the preaching and boy were they thankful. When Karen and Bill went to pray for them she broke down with tears of joy.

After the coldness of yesterday it was truly an amazing day. Thank God and please pray for all these folks. Please pray they stay far away.