An Amazing Thing Happened

As told by John Barros: 

Today the Lord worked in two completely different ways and came to the same result. Two precious babies and mothers were saved and they were both beautiful.

Oscar came with his lady this morning. He spoke very little English and Maria spoke none. I tried my best to speak to him but she went inside. He had all the same excuses like it is her choice. He sat in the car out front and I just knew I had to get a Hispanic man to speak with him.

I was able to get a hold of my dear brother Pito. Pito spoke with him for a long time. He warned Oscar about what God thinks of this, what the consequences are, and shared the Gospel with him. He told Pito he was going to try and get her to come out. I left him some time to think and let the Holy Spirit work.

While he was sitting, a beautiful young lady named Kasta arrived. She came up and spoke to Bradley,¬†listening to everything we had to say. She asked for prayer, took a blessing bag, and said she would like to come to St. Andrew’s, so we gave her a bulletin. It was extremely beautiful. It was one of those “God, please send someone to stop me” meetings. She ran right into Bradley.

Then an amazing thing happened. Oscar was becoming increasingly convicted, talking to himself in Spanish, etc. The truck that picks up the dead babies pulled up. I stood to preach again, asking for a moment of silence as they brought the week’s dead out through the lobby. I asked them to not mock God or us but just consider those that died and that their babies would be coming out like this next Friday.

Oscar went crazy. He began screaming and yelling “no, no!” He ran in the door, grabbed Maria, and pulled her outside. He got her in the car and World War 3 broke out. They had a rather heated discussion with many tears. Then the smiles came. The thumbs came up, the thank yous and the waves as they drove away. It was so incredible.

So thankful for Stella and Laurey for being on the other end of phones today. So thankful for Beth being here in the morning and Peter coming in the afternoons on Friday to just be an awesome friend!

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