An Effective Day

As told by John Barros:

What can put smiles like this on ladies’ faces? How about watching the Lord turn half of the clients away? Alright, alright. Although I say this a little tongue in cheek, the Lord did an amazing thing today.

Even though it was late term day, only two clients came and one couple chose life. We were praying so hard for the one that went through with it. She did come out and sit in her car out back but the security guard went out and talked her back in.

It was one of the strangest days I have ever seen. Wednesdays are usually packed with late term moms, first trimester moms, and check ups. People would drive up and point like they were going to pull in but just drove away. Randall Whitney even arrived early but only had one.

Workers were coming out and looking at us. More than half of them had to be let go at noon. One worker came out, raised her arms in a shrug and said “you were very effective today, John”. We all chuckled but it was so awesome. The security guard was extremely upset.

We are praying so hard for this place to go down. Maybe the Lord was encouraging us to hang in there and watch Him work.

So thankful for Bradley, Bonnie, Yolie, Daylan, and Nicole. They are dear servants with hearts that pour out the love of Christ. Please continue to pray.