An Incredible Day

As told by John Barros:

What an incredible day today was. I had the honor of preaching the chapel service this afternoon at Reformation Bible College. I can’t believe how much more comfortable I am down on the sidewalk than there. I am going to have to begin training in public speaking in front of nice people. The kids and professors there are so awesome. Felt like I was stumbling a bit, but they are all so gracious. They have a class of about 150 now and so many of them want to come out. ¬†Praise God.

So thankful that the Lord put a wonderful team together. Bill, Donna, Bradley, and Debbie did a great job. Quite a few came today and one significant story was a Hindu couple that came. The guy was trying to force his wife to have an abortion. Debbie was constantly pleading with her all day to stand firm. She did. They left when the fighting got bad.

They returned, though, and still fighting. Then the security guard took her in the back door. She went to have the ultrasound and then a strange thing happened. A worker brought the ultrasound out back to show her husband. He got a big smile on his face. She came out and Debbie pleaded with her till the end. I think that this was an abortion based on gender. No way to prove it but it sure seemed that way.

A very great blessing happened today, though. Anthony and Dominique chose life and left last Friday. Well, today they came back to say thank you. They are so excited now. They were heading over to Choices for counseling and their ultrasound. She also called tonight just thanking with tears.

The amazing thing is that they don’t even look the same as they were Friday. God has done an incredible work. Over and over she was speaking of repentance and trusting God. They would sure appreciate your prayers and I believe they will be at church on Sunday.