An Odd Week

As told by Bradley Spruill:

What an odd week at the mill it was. For some reason it rained every time I preached for the first time each day. I guess it was so odd not to have John Barros there that even nature didn’t know what to do.

One couple chose life today (not pictured). While Isaac George and I preached three times each, the couple who chose life didn’t hear any of it. Isaac approached them before they went in and was able to talk to them and show them the horrible record and I was able to give them information for two crisis pregnancy centers they could go to. They went inside for a minute but came back out saying that they were going to go to one of the CPCs. So we gave them one of John’s cards and they left.


The couple here came out when I was preaching and started arguing whether she should have it done or not (she ended up going through with it). The guy, as tough as he tried to puff himself up to be, clearly got emotionally wrecked by God’s Word in the end, as he hung his head low and stopped responding.

Praise God for delivering yet another child out of the grasp of death’s hand!.