An Old Friend Says “Thank You”

As told by John Barros:

It’s been so dark down here lately but the Lord allowed Karen, Marcia, and Chris and Brenda from New Hampshire, shine His light upon some precious ladies today.

Chris and Brenda are snowbirds from New Hampshire that like to come serve when they are down.

April, Christina, and Allison all chose life and made it over to Choices. A couple of them were real battles but one was just about the sweetest work of God I have seen. Allison and Trevor came but just as they were opening the door they stopped and came out to the sidewalk. I spoke with them and you could literally see their whole demeanor change. Allison looked at Trevor with a tear in her eye and said “This isn’t for us, honey.” He said “I know.” We had a time of prayer and off they went. It really was sweet.

Then a young lady, Elieese, pulled up out front. As the ladies approached her car she jumped out and said “I need to talk to that guy” She pointed and moved pretty quick to me. I thought she was angry and wanted to let me have it. She said “Four years ago you helped me not go in here and now my baby is three. I can’t remember where we went that day, can you help?” I gave her the brochures. She was telling us how Thankful she was for her son.

Elieese sharing how thankful she is to God for turning her from here four years ago

Please pray for all these ladies and everyone else that heard the Gospel today. There were quite a few.

Please pray also for the folks that work in the Pregnancy Centers where you are. They have a tough job and sometimes the people that show up can be a bit cranky.