Angry Mothers and Many Excuses

As told by John Barros: 

Today was busy, but the Lord blessed some ladies with sight and drove them out of here.

A young lady by the name of brunette came with her mother. They came out the door and she said she had chosen life. We gave her the info and I asked if we could pray for them. Her mother said “you can pray for her if you want. She’s the one that is going to need it.”

We did pray and she began to cry. Please pray for her, as I think her mom isn’t being a support right now.

There was another young lady that I believe chose life against the wishes of her very angry mother. Her mother wouldn’t let us give her daughter any info or talk to her. There was another turn away as well, but they wouldn’t stop. Please pray for these ladies. They are going to need support from their families. Please pray they stay strong.

Bradley and I were blessed with some surprises today. Fredo came down and brought his mother and a lady that is a leader of women’s ministries at her church. They loved to see the way the Lord works down here.

My dear friend Andy also came down to serve and he was very busy. Bonnie returned. She has been sadly missed and it was wonderful to have her here. We dealt with so many arguments today. Every excuse was covered here in one day. Thank God for His goodness.