As told by John Barros:

  So thankful for all your prayers… we had a wonderful time this morning with Ann.   We got to hear how God caused a scream to well up inside her inside the clinic that said, “Get out of here!!!”  Please continue to pray for her… she is a very brave young lady.  She has two sixteen week beautiful babies in her womb, along with her other two small children.  There are some hurdles ahead but the God that intervened here will continue to guide and strengthen.  Ann has three new friends from St. Andrews: Sheryl, Beth, and Daylan that have already poured out so much love to her. 1972516_10204422034499301_4474905794088487424_n So beautiful when the church works together.  It was awesome to give Ann two blessing bags.  It’s so sad to see so many go through the abortion clinic when there is so much love waiting for them.  Again please continue to pray. 10363952_10204422035499326_7278773733660265232_n.