Another baby saved

As reported by John Barros:

Please pray for a young lady, whose name I can’t remember.  She came down with her boyfriend and his Mother to have an abortion done.  She came during the preaching and was smart mouthed going in, but quickly became convicted about what she was doing.  She was sobbing, hyperventilating, and sat out in the street in misery.  After awhile she called her parents, telling them she couldn’t do it.  Her Father had bought her a car for having an abortion.  On the phone he was telling her that she is bringing shame on the family by not aborting her baby.  In the end she stood up to her parents and chose life!  Cindie and Joy were able to get a flyer to First Life in her hands and speak to the boyfriend’s Mom.  Literally minutes after the girl left her Father came down and parked in the back.  After a couple of hours he realized she wasn’t coming back and he left.  Pray that she stays strong and doesn’t let him bring her back tomorrow..