Another Busy Day

As told by John Barros:

Well I arrived this morning to the police waiting. She hung around about an hour and then drove by a couple of times throughout the day but she was nice.

It was busy with twelve babies meeting their end. There was one turn away. A young lady stood up to her Mom and got out. The Mom wouldn’t let her talk when they pulled up and she had some choice words. Please pray this young lady stays away.

It just gets weirder down here every day. Kerry, the guy that runs these places sat and filled me in on his business practices. He was telling me how smart he is to have opened a marijuana clinic in Kissimmee. Kissimmee doesn’t allow for marijuana dispensaries. They only allow for a clinic with a doctor.

Well Kerry’s partner is the abortionist Dr. Rodriguez. I wonder what the patients at the marijuana clinic would think if they knew what else these folks do.

These folks are going into different things. I don’t know if Pendergraft is involved in this stuff but I wouldn’t doubt it Kerry says Dr. Rodriguez wants to get out of abortions and do this full time. Please pray the Lord brings their plans to fail.

I am not against these marijuana places. I have friends with cancer, MS, and other things that really get helped by this.