Another Day

As told by John Barros:

Another day at the pit. It’s just never ending. There were two ladies that had their hearts turned by God. Beth spoke with a young lady at length. She went inside but immediately turned around and left. Then there was a couple that left during the preaching. She actually had a guy that manned up and got her out of here.

Beth Goble pouring her heart into a young lady

Pastor Dan joined us today. He just got back from Russia and Ukraine. He met with many in churches over there. He told us one horrifying statistic: the average lady over there has had 15 abortions. Some as many as 30. There is almost a missing generation there.

My blanky 🙂

Had a special treat today. A precious lady from my church, Cecilia Durso, sent a blanket with Yolie Gonzalez for me. I can’t believe how awesome it is. It is so intricate and is the softest thing I have ever felt.

Please pray for the ladies that left and pray this place goes away.