Ash Wednesday

As told by John Barros:

Such a crazy Ash Wednesday. I know to many people certain days aren’t different than others but I really get more upset during the holidays. Pastor David Netzorg joined us down here today. He is such a blessing to me.

So many people came down today. It was just awful really. There are way too many stories to tell but I will share a few. We had two choose life and a couple of turnaways.

One couple came, listened for a little bit but went inside. The guy came outside and talked with Karen for a long time. He went on about how he didn’t want her to do it but it was her choice. Well, as the preaching went on, she came out and chose life. He stood at the front door trying to get her back inside but she stood strong. They took our info and left.

Karen listening to a guy that wants to kill his son but blames his lady. She chose life

A couple of other ladies came late in the day. Yolie Gonzalez met them and spoke at length. They chose life as well. We had a time of prayer and they left saying they would be going to Choices.

There were others that left during the preaching as well but the guys wouldn’t stop to let us talk. We also witnessed something that happens from time to time. Olivia brought a friend for an abortion. They were young and foul. We tried warning them all day as they came out for smokes. They finally had the abortion and left. They came back three times in agony to see the doctor. Each time you could see the pain was much worse. I don’t know what was going on but they didn’t have smart mouths anymore.

There was a ray of sunshine though today. Myra came walking down the street and asked if I remembered her. I said “Who could forget you?” Four years ago she worked down the street. She made me her friend on Facebook so she could pray throughout the day. A war was going on one day between me and a couple that was here. It went on forever. Myra called me and asked if the girl was there. I said yes. The couple had chosen life at this point and we’re trying to get their money back. Myra came flying up in her car and ran inside yelling “John, that’s my niece!” As she opened the door her niece and her boyfriend were coming out! I have never seen so much screaming, crying, and hugging in my life.

Well, Myra works somewhere else now but just wanted to drive by and say thank you. Her niece is married now to her baby Logan’s father. They are all doing fine and Logan is three now. Please pray for them and all the folks that left and heard the Gospel today.