At the Gates of Hell

As told by John Barros:

They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons.
Psalm 106:37

I want to thank those of you that prayed this morning. The Lord heard you and Jesus shined His light into a few hearts.

I stood next to the window of that first car this morning for what seemed like eternity. They never rolled the window down but thankfully they drove off and never returned. Seven folks came and thank God three left.
It was really crazy though. The same demonic forces that seemed to be there on Friday were back. A guy sat in his truck behind me screaming and screeching out curses to God and to me the whole 45 minutes I preached. It was almost like he never even took a breath. The things he said about each person of the Trinity were the most blasphemous things I have ever heard. It was really hard to preach with all this going on and would have been worse for me but my friend Anne showed up and kept an eye on him.

Half way through the preaching a precious young lady came out the door and straight up the walk and asked me to pray for her. She said she didn’t want to kill her baby. She said she hated her boyfriend and he was pressuring her. He had been saying he was the one that didn’t want it done. She went back inside but right after the preaching was done she came out with a huge smile and did that two-finger salute across her chest. It was pretty exciting.

Then right away another couple that I spoke with when they arrived came out and said they weren’t going to do it. Ann went down back and when she came back up she said they had chosen life.

The gates of hell

The demoniac across the street was going crazy through this. He couldn’t believe people were leaving. He was truly out of his mind. Thank you all for praying, please continue to.