Awesome Day

As told by John Barros:

I don’t know if it’s possible to say that a day at an abortion clinic was awesome, but if you can today was. Once again the Lord shined His light into a very dark place and turned the hearts of four young ladies.

It was kind of strange. After the preaching I sat on the wall with Jessica Woodroof. We both felt we could sense something was about to happen. Three ladies came out, chose life, prayed with us, and took blessing bags. They were so thankful. One of the couples live in Sanford and is going to go to the Sanford Crisis Pregnancy Center. The other three took info for Choices.


We were blessed today to have Callie Caraballo the awesome ultrasound tech come by to check out what it is like down here. I think she got a better grasp on what the folks that come to her are coming from. Bonnie Franke once again poured herself into these girls’ lives all day long. Esteban De Leon came before school to help, and Philip Kinkopf and Samantha came in the afternoon. Samantha was able to speak to a young couple.¬†She and Philip stayed late. The couple went to the back to think about what they were told for about twenty minutes, got in their car and left. Samantha was so excited.

These kids work and pray so hard. I am so thankful for the wealth of education from RBC that they bring down here. And of course I can’t say enough about Bradley Spruill. God is so good!.