Awesome God

As told by John Barros:

What an awesome God we serve. He always has so much more going on than we can possibly imagine. To watch Him work down here daily is to watch such beauty. The enemy can and does try to rise up with darkness, but all it does is show Jesus so much.brighter.

Today the folks lined up waiting for the doors to open. Bill and I called to them, letting them know the help there is and warning them of what they were about to do. I began to ask them if they had seen the news about Planned Parenthood and the selling of baby parts. One guy yelled out “Yeah, we did. I am a cannibal and this is our soup line.” Well as you can imagine the laughing and mocking began.

The Lord began to go to work immediately. I had to preach early because Dr. Whitney had spent the night with the late-term ladies inside and he would go to work soon. The Lord used the preached word so powerfully. They had to call the counselor in to try to comfort those inside. One guy came out and was running all over the place, hyperventilating. Another guy was wandering around out back moving his arms around, mumbling “This is not right.” He kept going in trying to get his lady out. I can’t begin to tell you how this day went. Bill and I were just standing back watching.

One young couple kept coming in and out. After the preaching they came out again. Benji told me that whenever scripture was preached he felt like he was being gut punched. I told him that wasn’t me; God was speaking to him.

As all this was going on my dear friend Fredo Perez arrived. Fredo comes weekly, asking ladies to give their babies to him and his wonderful wife Carolina. God moved on this couple and they chose life. Then they told Fredo they would possibly give their baby to him. We had a beautiful time of prayer with many tears of thanksgiving. I have never seen this happen before.

A little while later Mykayla came out. She was so angry when she arrived that we were there. She came pulling up in her car with a huge smile. She said “Thank you,” and I asked if we could pray for her. She said, “Please do! I changed my mind and am keeping my babies.” I said “What?!” She said “Yes, I am having twins.” By then Chris Raymond had arrived and we just had a wonderful time of prayer with her.

Two other ladies left as well. One left who Bill was sharing the gospel with, and one left who got dropped off during the preaching and didn’t last ten minutes inside.

(I’m sorry for rambling but there was so much going on today.) I am so blown away by God and the beauty He weaves. The fact that He would bring a couple from Miami here and have Fredo show up at just the right time. Benji was so thankful that he invited us down to Miami to go out to eat. Amazing. Please pray for all those who left here today.