These Aren’t Politics, These Are Babies

As told by John Barros

It’s sure been strange down here since the massacre down the street [the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando]. Today there were many news trucks and police driving down Lucerne.

We began just like any other day, meeting folks as they came. I began to preach and a lady came out screaming at me to stop because the people inside were getting upset. I continued and then two undercover police officers showed up.

They asked me if I needed to do this today. I said I didn’t if it was going to get in the way of what they were doing. They said because of the situation down the street they had to respond. I told them I would quit but would stay to speak with people. I thanked them for all they do and told them we were praying for them. Then I asked if I could say something to them. They said “Sure.” I told them that there were going to be another dozen who would die here today. One of them grimaced. He got it. The other one said, “We are dealing with international terrorism there, not politics like here.” I said “Sir, these aren’t politics. These are babies.” They were very nice especially under the circumstances.

The rest of the day though I was wondering whether this is how people see abortion. Do they really see it as a political idea? Is this why abortion continues? Do people not see these babies as people with names and a purpose? I don’t want to downplay what happened down the street, but more people die here every week than died in that club.

As the day went on the police had to come back as people inside continued to get upset. One couple was thrown off the property. This all may sound crazy, but God moves in the crazy. Three girls left this nuthouse. Please pray they don’t return!

I was so thankful to serve with Marcia, Steve, and Bill.