Baby Shower

As told by John Barros:

  Just got in from a wonderful evening… St. Andrews threw such an awesome baby shower for Chris and Heather, a couple that chose life.10373515_10204109055835030_4039185472117202804_n  I am completely blown away by the Goodness of God.  He has completely turned their lives around.  This Church has wrapped them in a blanket of love like I have never seen.  The party was cool.. they had games where people tried to draw a picture on a plate on their head, and the guys had a, “who can drink a bottle the fastest” contest. 10456015_10204109054514997_904486698587974331_n Cannot believe how fun it was.  Those of you that have been praying for them from the beginning thank you, and please keep it up.  A big thank you to Ted and Sheryl Stiemann for opening their home to a massive crowd. 10350615_10204109054835005_2544732502326073047_n.

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