Battles and Blessings

As told by John Barros:

What a blessing today was. So many people, so much work. The Lord amassed a wonderful team to serve him here.

Matthew came to pray and help before work and then Karen and Patte stayed all day.

The first couple that came were pretty strange indeed. He was pushy and mouthy. He flashed the Satan sign and she was giddy. He had some fine things to say about us and went inside. During the preaching something really strange happened. He left to go get something but while he was doing that his lady came out and left. She seemed very distraught and left. He came back and it was truly a joy watching him hunt all over for her. Patte and Karen thought she called someone when he left to come get her. He is not to happy about this so please pray for her.

Then a Hispanic young lady came out when asked if she was keeping her baby she just lifted her hands in the air. She left but we didn’t get to pray with her, so won’t you?

Then there was a Hispanic couple that came out. They had also changed their mind but again they didn’t say anything other than Thank You to Karen.

These three we can only call turnaways because we just don’t have enough information. But then we had two ladies choose life as well.

There was a young blonde lady half way between sorority sister and soccer mom. She spoke so much jibberish and seemed like she really didn’t know where she was but the Lord opened her eyes and got her out of here. Can’t really go into this one.

But then there was Andrea. You don’t often have a Battle like this one. Andrea pulled in about 8:30 in the morning. Her boyfriend came in a separate car. He got in her car and there they stayed for the next five hours. They were parked next to the fence looking straight into Dr.Collins lot. They never budged. It was so strange. Patte and Karen were down there almost the whole time just calling out to them. Karen sure had a great time of learning hanging with Patte. I spoke all I knew and finally about 1:00 Patte and Karen came up front. There comes a time you just need to stop and let God work.

Sure enough He did. All of a sudden we heard the car start. The ladies went back down but Andrea pulled up. I couldn’t get there fast enough but she waited for me to get there and asked if I would pray for her. It was so Awesome. She said “I’m not doing this.” She was so sweet but you could see how worn out she was from a five-hour battle. She went away with Thank You’s for everyone.

Right behind Andrea was Angel. He rolled his window down. Said he was going to support her and also wanted prayer. We prayed for God to bring them to repentance and that he would draw them near to Him.

I cant tell you what a Joy it was serving with Patte again. We have known each other about 15 years now. She was the first person I met on the sidewalk here when my Pastor Jim Fitzgerald brought me here. She has taught me and many others so much. It was just a Wonderful day being poured out here together with Karen.

Karen and Patte bringing truth to a young man

We hit this place pretty hard today. Literally half of their clients left here with their babies. They hate losing that much money. Please continue to pray.