Beautiful and Ugly

As told by John Barros:

Today was so beautiful and ugly at the same time. God brought so many people in the morning. There were regulars, old friends, and new friends. I wish I could tag everyone and tell all the stories but it would take days.


Four ladies chose life today. One was a Haitian couple who could only speak French. Mary got here in time and preached into the building in French. They came out and chose life. They went to First Life and found out she wasn’t pregnant. OWC told her she was and they were going to give her an abortion. I wonder how often this happens.


There was a dad who brought his two daughters. Samantha was 17 and pregnant. Her younger sister Shannon was immediately convicted and the battle for her sister and niece began about 8:00. We prayed with Shannon and called out to her dad and sister. The girls kept coming in and out wrestling with their position. Their inept dad would not do or say anything. To make a long story short, Samantha decided to go through with it but once on the table she jumped up and bolted out. She chose life. Her dad came out finally and they drove away. We were ecstatic and praising God. However a half hour later they were back because something was wrong. It turns out she had received a shot that was causing her to dilate. They wanted the baby so had me call the hospital. The ER nurse at Winnie Palmer told me this could not be reversed. She sat in the truck alone for well over another hour sobbing but then went in at 3:00 and was out at 4:00. I understand depravity but when you see a dad do nothing to help his daughter it is insane. I can’t begin to tell you how exhausting this type of battle is.

I am so thankful he sent Leslie Hanks down from Denver today. She was such a blessing to me and the kids who were left. She has been doing this a long time. ┬áThen Dr. Pendergraft came and walked into the back door by walking backward while a worker hid him behind trash bags. I can’t wait to worship this Lord’s Day..