Beautiful Thursday

As told by John Barros:

Today was wonderful!  I mean, there were still two ladies that came back for the second day of their labor and delivery abortions but only two new people came and one of them chose life.

Tamara came down scared mostly about her financial position.  After speaking with her about God’s provision, care, and a time of prayer with Donna and I she went to Choices.  Well after she got there she found out she isn’t pregnant after all.  The ladies over there loved on her and shared the Gospel with her as well.1780803_10205085486765193_4793436671360764961_n

  Workers were leaving early today and the abortionist was gone before 1:00 pm.  A worker said she wants to talk about leaving next week; it was truly incredible.  Other than Donna being here for a couple of hours I was alone.  It was a special time with the Lord in prayer; He is so awesome.  Spent the afternoon contemplating R.C. Sproul’s message on how God the Father loves us as much as He loves Jesus… what kind of love is that?  Amazing.

  Also spent time listening to St. Andrew’s Chancel Choir singing “Laudate Dominum.”  It’s Psalm 117 with music from Mozart.  I never knew worship could be like this.  The Lord was bringing about cleansing and renewal in my heart, then He brought folks by just to say hello and encourage.  Mary is from “Life For Kids,”  the local  adoption agency, and she stopped by for a while and then Ed and Mary stopped by for a while.  They are awesome.  I went to high school with Mary many, many years ago.10689974_10205085488685241_8865300426551121026_n

  Sorry for rambling but it has been so very dark down here and Thursdays are the worst but today was beautiful.  Please continue to pray..