Beauty in the Darkness

As told by John Barros: 

Today began where yesterday left off. A bunch of craziness ensued, with more death threats and the like. Far too much to get into here. The place was packed solid all day with appointments coming in shifts.

In the middle of all the darkness, God moved. There were a couple that left, maybe just because of the numbers, but we are praying they don’t return.

Then there was Horeo and Sterling. They pulled in and Luke was able to minister to them. They became very soft, and he was able to show pictures of the baby he and his wife adopted from a brave lady that thought she had to do this. He also read correspondence from the birth mother, thanking him for loving their baby like they do. Horeo and Sterling began sobbing and thanking Luke. They chose life and drove away.


Meanwhile, Beth met with Ashlie. She spent time with her and they left, but Beth didn’t feel right about if they chose life or not. Later that afternoon Ashlie returned and went inside. She came out soon after going inside, and came over to talk. Once again Luke showed pictures of his baby and shared the love he and his wife have for him. She began to be open to adoption. We gave her information regarding “Life For Kids”, had a time of prayer, and she left.

There are way too many stories to tell from today. I am constantly amazed how God sends the right people for the right people. Two couples were prepared to listen to a precious friend tell about Jesus’ love for him, his wife and baby. Most people could care less, but God brought Luke today for these two. There is always beauty in the darkness.

Today also marked a year since Yolie arrived down here. She was sharing how she will never be the same. So thankful for Bill and Bradley, who also served here today. In addition, God brought Edwin, his wife, and Andrea down to pray.

I get people mocking their method of having tape over their mouths. Well, when the need arises, that tape comes off in a big hurry to minister to someone. Edwin was doing it last week and Andrea did today. Please pray for all those involved.