Beauty in the Midst of Darkness

As told by John Barros:

  Today was one of those days you truly wish would not happen.  After being so slow a dozen young ladies came to kill their babies.  That’s bad enough, but one of them was someone I know; she came down and it was a war all day long.  She kept coming out, sitting on the wall and talking; during the preaching she looked out constantly. 10419019_10204479324851524_4360114647013537237_nWas able to get her best friend down to talk to her, and explained how the Jesus she thought had forgiven her before having her abortion was a figment of her imagination, not the Jesus of the Bible.  All the folks that came down to serve found themselves in a battle of so much prayer and pleading….they worked so hard.  After all this she went through with it.

Extremely tough day with late term mockers and only two turn ladies turn away.  There was a really beautiful thing about today though: a young lady, Kaitlin, spent the whole day down here.  She heard the gospel preached and stayed all day helping.  She joined the college kids in singing some hymns and Isaac spent a long time explaining the gospel to her.  We all prayed with her and she will be coming to St. Andrew’s on Sunday.  Such beauty in the midst of darkness. 10475511_10204479325411538_5431735788304711271_n Got home and ran to a pot luck at church.  The fellowship was wonderful and then Pastor R.C. Sproul did a study on Ephesians 5, about darkness and light, and the exposing of darkness… timely.  God is so good.  Please continue to pray for the end of this place..