Before I Formed You In the Womb, I Knew You

As told by John Barros:

Still pretty slow down here today. One leftover from yesterday and five others. The good news is that two babies get to live. We had some sorority girls down here. This begins about now every year. All the spring breakers that ended up pregnant. They arrived pretty smart mouthed but left pretty traumatized. They didn’t want any help but said they weren’t going through with it. Another lady left just as the abortionist was about to get out of his car. Please pray for these ladies that they would stay long gone.

Served with Karen and Donna Eggars today. Tuesday Jamie Miller came down here. She made a tee shirt on her own and wanted to give it to someone that ministers here. I took it and figured I would just give it to the first lady that serves here that fits in it. Well that person was Karen. She loves it and it fits perfect.

Karen loving Jamie’s gift

Those of you that don’t serve on the sidewalks don’t see the ladies when they come out after killing their babies. Sometimes they are literally carried into their cars. It is just so awful to witness. It never gets easy watching this. Over all these years I have seen this played out thousands of time. They are usually coming out while the ladies are coming in for their “follow ups.” So hard to go from calling people to trust God to keep their babies to calling people to come talk after having their abortion.

So much death and so much pain.