Better, But Battles Remain

As told by John Barros:

Today was so much better than the rest of this week has been. As the people were waiting for the doors to open, the Word and warnings were told to them. When they finally opened the doors everyone went inside but one lady, Shaniqua, stayed behind. We spoke some more, she got her car, pulled up beside us, and asked for prayer. We prayed, she took a blessing bag, and went to Choices where she had an ultrasound and has made an appointment to go back.

During the preaching God touched a mother and her beautiful young daughter. They came out saying “Thank you and God bless you.”

The battle of the day was going on in a lady named Nicole. She told us she has six children with her husband but is pregnant now with another man’s child. Shari and I spoke with her. She said she chose life, got a blessing bag, and headed to Choices. She came back an hour later and said she had been just down the street crying and she had to have an abortion. Then she went through everyone for hours. Warren, Shari, Alexza, and Bradley all spoke with her. She parked and said she had to go in. She went inside but didn’t last ten minutes. She came out and Shari took her to Choices where she saw her baby on ultrasound and heard the heartbeat. She was counseled by some of the very best.

Shari waited with her but Nicole is still cold about this. She is afraid her husband will kill her. Please pray Nicole does not return and that she continues to trust God. The Lord has been working in her in a different way. She has wanted to have an abortion since 9:00 this morning but she hasn’t. She has had the restraining power of the Holy Spirit upon her all day. Please pray that Jesus opens her eyes and draws her close..

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