Beyond the News poem

I heard on the news today
Of a little child who’d passed away,
But this child, unlike you and I
Never got to see the sky.
She didn’t get to play with toys
Or hold the hands of little boys.
She never got to smell a rose
Or dress her hair in pretty bows.
But in this lies the biggest shame,
She never even got a name…
You see, this child was never planned
So by the mighty surgeon’s hand,
This little girl so full of life
Had to face his cold sharp knife.
Her mother gave the “go ahead”,
Then laid back on the doctor’s bed.
Forced to leave her mother’s womb,
She was murdered in that room.
The topic stated in the news:
“Do we have the right to choose?”
If she were still alive today,
I know what the child would say.

Poem by Anne Gruber.