Bible Study Needed

As told by John Barros:

Chantelle is such a lovely young lady. She did not come to OWC for an abortion. A friend sent her down to talk. We went through the gospel, which she had really never heard before. She has made a profession of faith and comes by OWC almost daily to ask so many questions about God’s Word.


Beth Goble has been meeting with her to disciple and love her. She is coming to Saint Andrew’s now. I just wanted to post this to show what God is doing in Chantelle’s life but also to ask for a lady from Saint Andrew’s who could come do a weekly Bible study in the home of one of the ladies who have come to Christ down here. There are about six that have asked me if someone could come and teach them. They love worshiping on Sunday but need more. Please message me if you are from Saint Andrew’s and are interested..