As told by John Barros:

  One of the greatest blessings I could ever have imagined is training and serving with the kids at Reformation Bible College.  There are no kids like these anywhere.  The first semester they ever had, R.C. Sproul Jr. sent me a text saying he was sending me his kids.  This literally revolutionized my life. 10606597_10204631930986582_3899700251469023327_n  School started again this week and they have been coming back!  Today Jessica and Sarah came back and within minutes were involved in a life and death battle fighting for a baby’s life.  Praise God He turned the heart of Rachel.  She stood against her boyfriend and I’m telling you she is so thankful!   We had a wonderful time of prayer; it was beautiful.10410875_10204631929986557_1194870106253913101_n   Another couple left as well when a man stood up to protect his baby.  His girl wasn’t too happy but he took her out.  Jackie’s Mom and Grandmother brought her back forcing her to kill her baby, but for the third day in a row she stood firm.  All she has to do is tell a worker she doesn’t want to do it and they can’t.  Her mom left angry and asked if they were open tomorrow.  

It was crazy today but we had great times of worship and prayer.  Andrea stopped by with her friends from OHOP to pray.  They come faithfully on Fridays.  A dear young lady stopped by and blessed me; she said God told her to.  Then there is ND.  He is a first year student that loves sharing the Gospel.  He is another young man that decided in part to come to RBC because he watched the videos online of students ministering down here. He had never open air preached before today but you would never have known it.  What a dear brother he is, and I’m look forward to serving with him for many years….so glad school is back in session!10624852_10204631930626573_5858753961576808131_n.