Blessing Bags

As reported by John Barros:

“So unbelievably blessed!  A group of ladies from around the country pray daily for the Ministry down here.   These ladies not only pray but send “Blessing Bags” to give to the ladies that choose life… They sent handmade soaps, caps, booties, etc. 970585_10203602409969200_1017634537345829700_n Well a man has to know his limitations; I could never put these together so God sent Jessica and Leslie down from Reformation Bible College. Even Dr. Collins was admiring all the gifts.1538886_10203602408449162_1775320989823441222_n  Please pray for hands to put these into this week.  This is the hardest week to be down here, seeing the ultimate blaspheme of murdering babies the week we celebrate our Lord’s death, burial, and resurrection…”.