Blessings and Sorrow

As told by John Barros:

Today was filled with blessings and sorrow. So blessed to have some new Reformation Bible College students down here today. Simona and Jessica brought three new men down here. These kids are so willing to serve. It was kind of a rough day and they really had their eyes opened to the horror of this place.

We were also blessed to have Bo and his mother Becky, along with Courtney. So thankful that Melyna was back. She is such an encourager. I don’t want to leave Peter out. This¬†dear brother brought subs down. Now that’s a blessing.

Today was a day I knew was coming but didn’t want to face. Bradley spent his last day here. He is moving back to Virginia. He kept talking about finding a replacement for him, but nobody will be able to do that.

There were some strange stories here today. Two young ladies came down. They wouldn’t listen to the pleas, but then the driver came under heavy conviction. At one point she told us she thought she was going to die. She couldn’t stay inside, and eventually her friend came out and they left. They didn’t stop, so I don’t know if her friend chose life or not. We have to call it a turn away.

Another young lady came in an expensive Mercedes sports car. A while later a man came in an even more expensive Mercedes. He dressed and acted like he was from some kind of crime syndicate. He said his boss sent him down to make sure she went through with it. What kind of boss is this?

Then there was a girl claiming to be a Christian. She had the cute little Jesus license plate. Her mother continued to pressure her, even when she was beginning to turn. It was a rough day but there was one more blessing.

Tara came down with her “secret weapon” to serve in the morning, and then went to Choices. She confirmed that she is pregnant and Callie gave her an ultrasound. How exciting is this?

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