Blinded to the Truth

As told by John Barros:
Today was incredibly difficult down at OWC. It was so very busy. The people were outside all day and heard everything possible. Warnings about their record, warnings about what God thinks about abortion, warnings about consequences. ToldĀ about every other option possible, showed them how God cared enough and showed great grace by sending them a messenger of hope.
The crazy thing is that they all listened all day long. Many came over and sat on the wall asking questions and asking for prayer. Tears were shed but the veil was not lifted, scales were not removed from eyes, and none received new hearts or repentance. I have never had so many one-on-one in-depth conversations without God opening somebody’s eyes. The blindness was so incredible.
Christiana came today with her daughter, to give her a ride home. I asked her daughter why she thought it was okay for her mother to kill her brother or sister. She said she already had one. Christiana sat on the wall for an hour. She told me she wanted her daughter to be her driver so she can see how horrible this is and learn from her mother’s mistakes. We went through everything. We prayed together and she said she wished she could have faith. She went through with it.
There was another girl who had an abortion six weeks ago. They didn’t suck all of the baby out and her baby was still inside growing so she was back. It was amazing to see God’s Law working on their hearts but not coming to repentance and faith. Every one of them knew they were killing their babies.
I thought of 2 Timothy 2:25-26– them being blinded and in the snare of the devil and about Pastor Burk’s sermon Sunday night from 2 Corinthians 4:3-4; how God has not given the light of the Gospel to the world. How He has used Satan to blind them. All I could do was cry. It was so awful. You build a bond when you work with folks who are at the edge of the gates of hell. I don’t want to see them go through what they will. Please pray for all these folks.
I am so thankful Saperna was able to stop by for a bit.