Blindness of Abortion

As told by John Barros:

Today was one that frankly I do not understand. The kinds of things that happen here you wouldn’t even find in horror movies.

So thankful to serve with Donna and Pastor H.P. McCracken. There were ten that came today and one that started her abortion yesterday. While I was preaching, a couple parked across the street and started to come over. They stopped though and listened to most of the sermon. Donna said they just kept looking and listening and got back in the car and left.

There was one other young lady that kept walking back and forth on the sidewalk listening. She made a break to the door. I asked if she was going inside and offered to help. She had tears in her eyes but left within ten minutes. She wouldn’t stop to talk. Don’t know what is going on in these folks lives but pray they keep their babies.

There was a precious young lady that kept coming out to talk. She didn’t want to do it but the guy she was with said he would kick her out if she kept the baby. We told her about the help that is there and to trust God and he would not let her go. She couldn’t find the faith though and when she left she was a mess.

The Stericycle guy has become a lot bolder. He used to hide his truck around the corner and walk down for the dead babies. Today he pulled right up front. I think he was trying to make some kind of statement because I have been getting the other doctors on the street to drop them because they insist on being part of the baby murder industry.

There was another thing that is so very troubling to me. A young lady that was here for her labor and delivery abortion was back today after having a shot to stop her baby’s heart. Had the laminera placed in her cervix and given drugs to put her into labor.

She kept coming in and out to the car yesterday and today. She was wandering around out back stumbling and throwing up everywhere.

The crazy thing is her driver was here for two straight days sitting out back all day. I couldn’t figure out why she didn’t go in the back door with her driver like everyone else does. Then I saw it. She was coming out to feed her baby that was in the car. They won’t let babies in the building.

I still cannot believe what I saw. She kissed her baby when she went in this morning and kept going out to feed her and stuff. I just really can’t believe the blindness that is involved in this.

The driver who I think was a relative was yelling at her to hurry up. She was tired of waiting. The way the young lady was stumbling around I finally yelled for one of the workers to help her. Abortion is so disgusting. I wish the folks that were hollering at me from the street today about “rights” would have stopped and looked out back. On second thought they probably would have cheered her on…