Blown Away

As told by John Barros: 

Had a very different day today. One young lady chose life and we don’t really understand how the Lord worked. A couple of Hispanic girls came for an abortion. Warren tried his best to speak to them. We were able to get Stella on the phone and they spoke a lot. They went out back sat in the car talking and then pulled up thanking everyone. It was an honor to serve with Donna and Bradley as well.

Something very different happened today. I collect bulletins at church that people leave in the pews. I hand them out to folks that choose life or people driving by wanting to know where we are from. Well today I invited one of the ladies to come to the “Who Will Stand” meeting at church tonight. She thought they would be working late, but wanted the bulletin anyway. Then something I would never have expected happened. The other ladies came out and wanted one. Several said they want to come. It was pretty amazing.


Later the abortionist Randall Whitney pulled in. I went down with a bulletin and invited him to come tonight. He said he would if he got off early enough. He said he would come to a service but wanted to know why I wanted him to come tonight. I said I just wanted him to see a reformed view of abortion and what God thinks of it. He said “John, that’s not it. You think that will change my heart and it won’t. You want to change my heart and you won’t”.

I began to break up a bit, looking close in his eyes and seeing such a lost, hardened man with all that wrath piled upon him. I told him I did want to see his heart changed and that he was right, I cannot do that. But God can do it, just like He does to the girls that choose life here. He looked me in the eye and said I am going to give this some thought and thanked me.

I was pretty blown away by all this. One of the girls wants to come because she knows the people care or they wouldn’t come down here. Please pray for all this. We have watched the Lord drive six workers out of here in the last few months.