Breath of Fresh Air

As told by John Barros:

Today only eight came down to have abortions. They were all cold and no matter how hard we called and pled they didn’t listen.

It was wonderful to have Jacob Allen, Jesse Stiemann, and of course Bradley Spruill serving here today.


The Lord Jesus had a special surprise for us. He sent Heidi Roberts all the way from Tampa to bless us. She is new to abortion ministry and thought she would like to learn how we do things here. She was quickly pressed into service. What a heart she has. She loves Jesus and people. She has a zeal for the Lord and the lost… these qualities cannot be taught. I don’t know what she could have learned from me (other than how to sing out of a hymnal!) but I sure learned a lot from that precious blast of fresh air. We are all so thankful to have served with her.


If any of you are from the Tampa area you will be blessed to serve with Heidi!.