Bringing Beauty

As told by John Barros:

Today was such a beautiful day down here. Bradley Spruill and Tanner Johnson from Reformation Bible College came down to minister.

God in His great mercy opened the eyes of three ladies and gave them the faith to trust Him. There was warfare going on in the hearts of these ladies, but they are no match for the Prince of Peace. All three ended up rejoicing with tears and hearts of thanksgiving. Two of them went to Choices and one went to First Life.┬áPlease pray that Jesus would strengthen and provide for Sheena, Tonya, and Margarette. It is so amazing to watch God work and see those faces shine when they submit to His will.┬áThere were two others who turned away as well but we didn’t get to pray with them.

Tanner is a Sacred Music student at Reformation Bible College and plays violin in the Saint Andrew’s Sinfonia at Saint Andrew’s Chapel. He played to bring some beauty against the darkness and death inside. You can see the people looking out the windows while he is playing.

Pray that the last three who were inside had seeds planted in their hearts. I am so very thankful for Bradley and Tanner. They have such hearts for God..