Bringing the Word

As told by John Barros:

Today I was so blessed to have Isaac George come back and bring Alexandra with him. Alexandra loved serving here so much she didn’t want to leave. Isaac is in his final year at RBC and works full-time so it has been very hard for him to get down here. He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to preach, but oh did he ever. I thought I was listening to George Whitefield. Bradley Spruill brought the Word awesomely as well.


A young lady named Kaitlin also came to help out and she received the gospel. God turned the hearts of one couple while they heard the Word waiting for the doors to open. Another young lady stood across the street trying to get the courage to go inside. After an hour of walking out into the street and back to the sidewalk over and over again she made a break for it and went inside. After the preaching she came back out and ran across the street, pacing and pacing while talking on her phone. She went halfway down the block. Isaac and Alexandra walked down to speak to her. She just kept pacing and talking on the phone. Finally she took information and left. Please pray she doesn’t return.

Then a young lady came in the afternoon and never made it inside. She says she is a Christian and was so thankful we were there. She took the info and said she was going to Choices.

Then it was wonderful to go to Saint Andrew’s for a study on Ephesians 5. RC brought a powerful message and then it was time for the ice cream social. I ran into Daylan, our newest sidewalk counselor, serving ice cream. I often hear people make fun of the church for having potlucks and ice cream socials. I wish we could have them weekly!