Busy Day

As told by John Barros:

Today was a busy day, filled with angry people and folks telling us God will forgive them for having an abortion.  There was one young lady that came with her Mother.  She came out to speak with us and said her Mother had forced her to have an abortion when she was really young, and she was now pressuring her to have another.10423761_10204344096430898_19635087940028026_n  In the end she decided she wanted to keep her baby and possibly give her baby to another couple.  We gave her the info on where to go for that when her Mother started screaming, “Oh My God” over and over again.  The young lady left but please pray for her as this looks like it could be tough.

After all the guys yesterday it was such a blessing to have so many girls down to help.  These ladies are so precious… so thankful.