Busy Servants

As told by John Barros:

It was very busy today. There were almost twenty here. We didn’t have any say they chose life, but we had two turn-aways. One young lady pulled up and Bill was able to speak with her at length. She got out of her car but never went in. She took our info and said she was going to Choices.

The other one was quite interesting. A couple came and wouldn’t listen. I told the guy the motto I’ve seen on the news so much lately is “every black life matters.” I told him that includes his son. He became highly upset and got so close to my face screaming that I found a cavity in one of his molars. This is certainly not unusual, but what happened next is. He went in and came back out mumbling something. He got in his car and drove away. 10-15 minutes later he came back, stayed in the street, and his lady ran out, got in the car and sped away. Please pray for these two.


We had two pastors from a couple of new churches stop by to check things out and encourage us. We made a new friend today as well. Fredo was preaching and a young lady, Nancy, heard him in the parking lot all the way down the street at a high rise. She came down and spent her lunch hour watching, learning, and asking questions. We had a great time and she will be back. It was awesome to serve with Philip Kinkopf, Samantha Shaffer, Elsie Allen-Farrow, and Bonnie Franke. They are such servants..