Celebrating God’s Great Mercy

As reported by John Barros:

Today was definitely a day of celebrating God’s great mercy. Everyone was smiling because five ladies chose life today, and there was one young lady who couldn’t get out of there fast enough but she didn’t talk to us so it will have to be called a turnaway.


Sure can’t go into all the stories but there was one amazing one I must tell. A man got upset during the preaching and came out. He stood there fuming under conviction. God turned his heart right before our eyes and he went and held the door open so all could hear clearly. I could see Charles the police officer waving his arms wildly to get him to shut the door. The man went inside and brought his wife out. She came over with the most beautiful smiling face, crying and thanking us. We had a time of prayer and they were off.

It was like homecoming down here today. It’s sad that Andy is leaving for a while but Kelly Clinger, Tiffany Reading, Sarah Hemadi, and Sarah Fowler filtered in and out. Tom and Sara Donkin came down from Lexington, Kentucky. Warren, a wonderful brother from Minnesota, came by and will be hanging around for a couple of weeks.


There was also a young atheist girl named Mary who came. She got to hear the gospel all day, and she saw the power of God’s Word changing hearts. I asked her if she was ready to commit. She smiled and said “Almost.” She had a long conversation with Andy and Bryan as well. Please pray for her; she is at a very tough spot in her life right now.


God is so good!.