Celebration of Death

As told by John Barros:

In England years ago there were great celebrations linked with death. I’m no scholar but have read about hangings on Saturdays being the height of entertainment. They would have animals fighting each other, dancing, etc. I think of the scene in Braveheart where William Wallace was brought in to be disemboweled and the party that was there. Of course it was the same in Rome, and archaeology tells us it was the same in the worship of Molech with the baby sacrifices.

Some days down here it is like that with people outside dancing and mocking God. (All that to say today had some of that.) One lady went up to my dear sister Yolie Gonzalez, flipping her off and screaming the vilest of things. She poured a soda on her and then threw the can at her. All this while Yolie was offering nothing but love and help as she stood there with her cane. I gotta tell you I had feelings I haven’t felt in years coming out of my pores. Yolie being the dear lady she is immediately forgave the woman and said she was fine.

Then later that young lady came out after her abortion, skipping and dancing as folks looked out the windows.


It was a dark and gloomy day with no one choosing life but the Lord taught me and I’m sure Warren Marquardt as well how to let Jesus’ light shine through in adversity. I am so thankful for Warren and Yolie.