Cell Phone Tells A Story

As told by John Barros:

I know a picture of a cell phone looks pretty strange for a story from down here but it was so important today. Three couples chose life; two changed their minds quickly and easily. The third was a war.


Orlando and Deanna came down to have an abortion. Turns out he was going to pay for Deanna’s abortion and then dump her because he had found another girlfriend. We had difficulty speaking to them because they pretty much only spoke Spanish. I was able to get Enrique from Saving Lives on the phone. He spoke to Deanna for what seemed to be an eternity. They sat in their truck on the phone sobbing. They ended up choosing life and said they were going to Choices.

When Deanna got out of the truck she gave me my phone back and let us pray for them. Please pray that they stay strong as they have made a mess of things. As they drove off I went to use my phone to text Daria and noticed all the tear stains on the screen. A picture tells a thousand words.

The Reis family was snowed out of Tennessee so they ministered again today as did Bradley Spruill, Jacob Allen, Sarah Fowler, Abigail Hulsey, Bonnie Franke, and Jessica Woodroof.

God was glorified and Jesus was lifted up. Even Ruben, who met Jesus in the 33rd Street jail, came by. He was a 25-year heroine addict, in and out of prison, and was celebrating being clean six months. The Lord is doing an amazing work in Ruben.

Please continue to pray for the Lord to continue working on hearts on Lucerne Terrace.