Changed A Bit

As told by John Barros:

With all the craziness that’s been going on around here the last few weeks and especially the last couple of days, OWC changed things around a bit. They had a police officer come down today. They usually only do that on Wednesdays and Saturdays. They also had Randall Whitney show up an hour and a half early.


There were quite a few who showed up but four chose life today. Usually on Friday it’s Beth Goble, who celebrated her birthday here this morning, Bradley Spruill, and me. Well today there was a perfect schedule the Lord set up. Chuck and Mary, who are snowbirds from West Virginia and come once a week for a couple of hours, came after Beth left. Then Jessica Woodroof, Jacob Allen, and Esteban from RBC came to finish out the day.


The first girl in, Tari, was one of those girls God had been working on as she was coming. She spoke with us and when done backed out of the drive and never even drove back to the parking lot. She took the info and said she was going to get the help she needs.

Then a couple of young ladies came and Beth was able to work with them. They went in anyway but very shortly ran out and said that she was going to keep her baby. After the preaching, a lady who had driven a girl there pulled up so fast I thought she was going to hit my van. She ran inside and we thought something was wrong. A couple minutes later she came put with her sister. She told me she was keeping her baby and said “Thank you.” Her sister began screaming at her to get back in there, yelling about how can she have another baby along with the ones she has. She turned on me, demanding I quit talking to her sister. The sister hung in there strong though, saying “I cannot do this!”

While preaching in the afternoon with the RBC kids praying, a young lady came straight out the door to me and said she didn’t do it. She asked for prayer and Jessica ran over to pray with us. It was pretty awesome today. Thanks for praying..