Changed Lives

As told by John Barros:

Arelia is asking for prayer. She was an addict years ago and got cleaned up. When she had her baby she had to have a C-section. She didn’t want it because she was a recovering addict and she would be required to take pain meds. She went somewhere with her baby and became tired and fell asleep in her car. The police arrested her even though the pills she had on her were prescription.


The judge told her she could not live in her home with her baby. For the last four months she has had to sleep in her car across the street from her home in a field from 11 – 6. She then can go in with her family. Today she just had an evaluation and she is medically and mentally cleared to stay in her home full-time.┬áTomorrow she has a hearing in front of her judge.

Please pray that the judge would show compassion and she would continue to grow in Christ. She is coming to Saint Andrew’s now.

One of the most amazing things I have seen Jesus do is happening down here now. There is a psychiatrist at a local rehab clinic who is sending people he feels really want to change their lives down here. He has seen the difference in the young ladies who have made professions of faith and are coming to Saint Andrew’s. Their families are now coming with them.

They certainly are not instantly perfect by any stretch of the imagination but who is? I’m worse than them but oh, what a Savior we have! Please pray for Arelia and all these girls..