Urgent prayer request from John Barros:

Please pray. Two have chosen life so far this morning and this lady on the left is Charlene. She is in her second day of labor. She heard the gospel all day yesterday. God began convicting her last night and today came out repenting and wanting to go to the hospital to stop it. We prayed with her. She is inside trying to get her purse and keys.

They are telling her the baby is dead, that they won’t give her a refund, but that they will remove the laminaria.

2/28 UPDATE: 

Well I thought I would give an update on the events at OWC today. God moved in a mighty way indeed. There were four thankful ladies who chose life. The other three were just as beautiful but Charlene was such a battle. You would not even believe this face is the same girl who came Wednesday.

She came Wednesday morning at 8:00. She is 19 years old and 22 weeks pregnant. Wednesday she heard the pleas of all the kids from RBC preaching all morning, then Savannah Brenyo, TJ, and Kelli Wilder came in the afternoon and called out to her. She went home Wednesday night after having a shot and lamineria sticks placed in her uterus. She said she thought about what she had heard and came under conviction.

This morning she came back with her friend to complete the abortion. She hid her face in a pillow as she came in. Het friend was quite angry we were here and let me and Bradley know it. She stood on the steps giving every reason why this should happen. She listened as she was given some of the hard things God’s Word says about sin and its consequences. The most amazing thing happened: she immediately came under conviction; began weeping and wanted to know what to do. She went in to try to talk Charlene out of this.

I began preaching and before I finished she came out and wanted to talk. She decided to go to the hospital to have it reversed. It took a while because the workers didn’t want to let her go. They finally did after making her sign a release paper. Thankfully a dear couple, Chuck and Mary, arrived and drove to the hospital with the girls following. Chuck and Mary made sure Charlene was admitted and got care. Charlene is thankful to everyone involved for caring but was so refreshed to have someone her age speak to her. Savannah just “happened” to show up. God’s timing is amazing!

Please pray for her. Randall told her her baby was already dead. She was going to do everything she could to save her baby but is aware of that possibility. God opened and turned her heart and she just wanted to do what’s right..