Choosing Life

As told by John Barros:

So much going on down here today. Jerry, a snowbird from Wisconsin, returned to serve with Karen and I. We were also very blessed to have Don Carns come down for a day. He was just returning from serving in Jamaica for the last few weeks. Don is retired and travels all over bringing the Gospel to colleges and other venues.

We had a couple of ladies turn away–don’t know why. Then we had a Muslim girl come here that was having trouble with her pregnancy. She wanted her baby but her doctor told her to have a D and C because he couldn’t see where her bleeding was coming from. Her baby’s heartbeat is fine. We called Choices and Callie told her to get to Winnie Palmer Emergency.
Then we had a late term Moms and Dad come out to talk in their car. He came back and thanked us saying they had changed their mind. Then we had a young couple come. They came back out and said she was going to rethink this.

Choosing life.

Please pray for all these folks. They need the Lord to help them. Thank You.