Cold Day, Cold Hearts

As told by John Barros:

Today was filled with cold people but one of the strangest things I have ever seen happened. Beth Goble and I were here early as people were arriving when a couple came up the side of the building from the parking lot. When I offered them literature the young lady said “Oh my… are you John Barros?” I replied, “Yes, young lady, how do you know?” She said they had been looking up OWC and said everywhere they looked there were pictures, reports, and videos of me. I asked if she saw all that why she would come here.

She stood out front with the others waiting to go in and said that she saw “amazing work being done here” online, but that she wasn’t like the rest of the people going in. Her situation made it okay and she had prayed about this. A while after they had gone in she came out to talk. Tanner Johnson and Thomas had arrived by then and Beth had left.


She began to tell us that the guy she was with was her husband, from whom who she is separated. She said she had been involved in an affair with a very bad man and couldn’t keep the baby; that the guy was actually a Satanist so God wouldn’t mind. Of course we told her the baby shouldn’t die for the sins of his parents. She started quoting scripture filled with many great promises from God. She was told those promises were not valid for her and she shouldn’t find rest in them because those promises were for God’s people, not the world. She went crazy. Her whole face completely changed and here eyes were filled with anger and hatred. She began screaming and ran into the building.

After everyone had completed filling out the paperwork inside I began to preach. She would open the door and yell out. She yelled out at one point, “God’s people in the Bible had sex with their children!” (No doubt referring to Lot and his daughters.) After the preaching and during the singing of hymns she came running out in tears with her husband in tow. They sat out back for about half an hour, talking in their car. They came back up and she was still crying.


I told her that unlike anyone inside the clinic we love her. She said “I know.. I love you, too.” A few minutes later they came out and went out back again. Sarah and Sabrina had arrived, and Sarah went down back to ask what they were doing. The woman yelled that she was keeping her baby. When they pulled up her husband didn’t want to stop but she yelled for him to. She rolled down the window with a huge smile, said “Thank you!” and told us she was keeping her baby. They drove off with a big thumbs-up.

I am so thankful when other people are here serving because sometimes driving home I ask myself “Did I really see that?!”

There were a couple of other awesome things today. My friend Mary’s son Shayne just moved here from Fort Lauderdale, and he came down to minister during his lunch hour.

Sarah left serving down here in labor! She began labor in front of the abortion clinic and I believe her contractions are at two minutes apart right now at Winnie Palmer. What a day….