Cold, Hard Hearts

As told by John Barros:

Today had to come under the How Cold And Hard Is Man’s Heart file. This afternoon was totally insane. The place was very busy with about a dozen in the morning and then there was another group at noon of about the same.

It was a battle with preaching going on all day long. Bradley Spruill, Nicole Sobers, and myself were here. Many of the people became like ravenous wolves; mocking God, cursing, and showing how much they really hated God. There was a guy who claimed to be a druid, running around helping people get in and arguing with every scripture that was presented. He would go inside and comfort people who were coming under conviction.


But then one of the craziest things I have ever seen happened. There was a young lady who was injured during her operation at EPOC, James Pendergraft’s other abortion clinic in Orlando. The abortionist at EPOC sent her over here to have Randal Whitney fix her. They were mad at first and went to the emergency room, but then believe it or not left and came over here. I was begging them to go back to the ER but they wouldn’t and then joined with the druid and all the mockers, cursing, screaming and cheering those who completed their abortions.


Nicole and I were truly stunned. How could someone come from one abortion clinic injured, go to another and hear the record of OWC, and refuse help from people who truly care about them? Not only that, but then turn on those people wanting to help. Today reminded me of maybe a taste of the people trying to get the angels at Lot’s house. It was so vile.


But God who is rich in mercy works even in the darkest situations. When it is so dark, you see the brightness of His glory when He turns the heart and opens eyes and ears. A young lady named Destiny came in a car to have an abortion. You could see God was already working on her. She got out, went in, and came out. I was able to speak with her a little and told her God is able. She got in the car and was arguing with those in the car. They called inside and asked someone to come out and talk to them. A worker came out and talked, but Destiny held firm. She thanked us and prayed with us. It was to late to get to the CPC today so will either be going to First Life tomorrow or Choices on Monday.

Then in the height of the mocking of God and the druid screaming that God’s word doesn’t do anything, Shankara came out under conviction. She asked what she should do. Nicole and I were able to help her. We had a great time of prayer and she left and will also be at a CPC either tomorrow or Monday.

I wish you all could have seen the faces. The faces of sweet surrender on the ones who chose life, and the faces of the angry druid and his gang. There is no bigger contrast.Thank you for praying; please continue!.