Comfort in Loss

As told by John Barros:

Yesterday and today have been fruitful. Four ladies chose life. God moved on some hearts that fought hard and others that were softened quickly.

Today, Beth, Karen, and I were blessed to have some new folks join us. Savannah brought Lani, Nancy, their families, and others from Ascension Presbyterian Church down to serve. They were wonderful and jumped right in. They were able to see the Lord give folks new hearts and they were blessed. They will be coming back. So awesome to see young people down here filled with love for their neighbors.

Sometimes people come here for very sad reasons. This morning, Brandi came down. Beth and Nancy spoke with Brandy and her sister. Brandy’s doctor sent her for a D and C. Her baby had died at 10 weeks. She didn’t want to be here and came out to speak with us several times through the day. Rob showed up to help and Brandy finished and came outside to wait for her sister. She came under conviction and Karen went through the Gospel with her at length. Rob and I were praying and Brandy repented of her sin and committed her life to Christ. It was truly beautiful. Please pray that she goes to Grace Baptist in St. Cloud and meets some of those brothers and sisters. Please also pray that the Lord would comfort her in the loss of her baby.