Confusion, Chaos, and Blessings

As told by John Barros:

“Behold, all who are incensed against you shall be put to shame and confounded; those who strive against you shall be as nothing and shall perish.” – Isaiah 41:11

Confusion, chaos and blessedness would be a few good words to describe today. It was amazing to watch God work here. First thing this morning we were so blessed to have Pastor Jim, Pastor Justin and his awesome wife Becky down here. Becky had to get a 39 week check up so they came early to help.

Tewanna was a driver for her sister today. She came out to the sidewalk when asked. She came under conviction and said she was going to work on her sister whose mind was set on this. They were from out of town and had actually gone to two other abortion clinics but they wouldn’t do it because she is 17 weeks pregnant. After some time and just as the preaching began she brought Leyka outside. We were able to counsel with her and she chose life. We had a wonderful time of prayer and gave her a blessing bag. They were so thankful. We were also able to get her in touch with a church in her town which were already loving on her as they drove back. It was awesome.

Four others turned away today as well. We weren’t able to speak in some cases because of who drove them or because they seemed frightened. Please pray for all of these ladies.

The security guard here has been really bugging me because of the t shirt he wears. I mentioned it the other day to Luke. He immediately got on Amazon and ordered me a couple. It was absolutely crazy how it worked putting one of these on. The folks didn’t know who to go to. Several came to me which allowed a little more time to talk and hand brochures out. The ones that went to him I simply told “he was the security guard to escort your wallet in, and I’m the security guard for you and your baby”. It was so cool.

Later in the day Kerry pulled up with another worker and rolled down his window. The worker that sat in the passenger seat began laughing uncontrollably. She said “John, I can’t believe you are wearing a shirt like Kerry”. This caused Kerry to become angrier. He said “John, I thought you were a class guy. How can you wear that shirt? I’m going to get a shirt made up that says St. Andrew’s Chapel supports OWC.” I told Kerry the difference is that my shirt is the truth. People will find security in Jesus. His would be a lie. He sped down with the young lady still laughing.

Kerry has tried everything over the last four months or so. Letting people in the back, escorting ladies in to try and stop them from listening, trying to keep ladies from going outside, trying to change the parking out front so I can’t park there. Nothing he tries works. I have told him time after time through all his threats that his fight is not with me. It is with God and nothing he does can thwart the plans of God. Please pray for him. He is confronted with the Gospel every day, and challenged to reprent. I always tell him I am saving him a seat at St. Andrew’s.

Then the Lord answered a prayer I have been asking for years. Vicky Marchand Botsford came down, and with her was Pastor Brad from First Presbyterian Orlando. I couldn’t believe it. I was able to spend some time with him. I told him I had been praying a long time for them to come down here because OWC is almost in the shadow of their steeple. Among other things, he said “we’re here now”, and asked about days and times. What a wonderful man. He prayed with me before he left.

Words can’t describe how thankful I am for Jesus’ bride. The Lord has been bringing so many pastors here lately. Godly men that are leading their people in the fight to end abortion. Words cannot describe the people that come out faithfully week after week as their schedules allow. Today it was Yolie, Philip, and Bonnie. They work so hard in this crazy Florida heat. God is so good. I am the most blessed man on earth. Please keep praying.